Epping Campus


High Flyers

Caters to people whose interests vary and who do well in environments where intensive staff support can be provided.

Programs may include, but are not limited to, active leisure pursuits, community access, garden projects and a range of sport and recreation programs.


Ability Connections

A fun dynamic program offering participants with great opportunities to carry out further learning within all aspects of their lives.

Skills of daily living including  money skills, shopping, cooking and communication are high priorities within the timetable.

Activities including; bowling, Zumba, community kitchen, sport & recreation activities and    swimming provide additional learning opportunities for   participants within our local community.  




We aim to provide activities and life skills for people in the middle aged time of their life.

We promote moderate paced activities which may include accessing the community, eating at cafes and restaurants, socializing with friends developing literacy/ numeracy, cooking and money skills, and enjoying a variety of sensory activities.

Based at 851 High Street Epping